What is Excellence?

Excellence is an amateur video game project. Its goal is to produce a vertical scrolling top-down shooting game from scratch, by learning, discovering and applying lots of video game production technic, technology and knowledge. It is also a project to have fun producing such game without deadline nor budget.

The beginning.

The project saw the light in june 2010. It was initiated by Spidyy, who tried to create a “sort of shooter” based on Eve Online graphics and background.

He started it as a practice project on SDL using C language, making C and C++ revisions from university times and guessing how to animate sprites, control keyboard events and handling collisions. It really was the basics.

SDL didn’t allow material acceleration, meaning, it couldn’t rotate or resize the sprites without consuming lots of CPU. The library was changed for SFML, a simple multimedia library with a 2D graphics module based on OpenGL. SFML was just the perfect library for the project. It was natively written in C++, therefore the project was rewritten as a C++ project. It was the birth of Eve Shooter.

Look pretty cool huh?

The only problem with that was the copyrights. All graphics, sound and musics were from Eve Online wich is a property of CCP Games. It means, if the project was meant to be released, it would have faced serious copyright issues. It would have been rather annoying, as it started to have some fans. That was clear, it needed to be a full-fledged game. The Eve Shooter project was aborted and recreated as Excellence.

Formation of a team.

Spidyy started to learn several software, looking for an easy way to produce some cool graphics and musics. Some player ships were created using Autodesk’s 3D Studio max through basic tutorials and 3 or 4 in-game music composed with Image Lin’s Fruity Loop Studio 9. The result was sufficient, but in fact, too much time was needed to deal with both programming, arts and music. It was time to delegate the work to more experienced colleagues.

The last version of my player ship. A cool little fighter.

First was hired Niiico, a talented artist who was enjoyed by the futuristic and retro aspect of the project. He worked on what the project needed the most : a background for the test stage. The result became astonishing and sealed his “contract” for the game.

Some rendering of the test level in 2D.

Alex joined us shortly after and he was really attracted by the project. He did a first music in one night, based on one of those Spidyy made before. His work was just too good for us and we recruited him without thinking. A pure jewel in our hands.

And now…

Here we are. A three-man team working together on an amateur game. We are still thinking about what we will do with it and how we will do it, but it is all part of the fun of the game making. All that left is using our time and talent to bring this game to life!


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