Unity 4.3, the salvation?

Hey folks.

Unity 3d, the more I play with this software, the more I love it. And today, I have really more reasons to.

I was visiting the Unity forums, reading stuff here and there, when I found a topic about Unite 2013, describing the arrival of a new 2D workflow integrated into the upcoming Unity 4.3 version, and… Oh my… I yelled all over the house in an extreme pulse of joy.

See for yourself :

In summary :
– full integrated support for sprites,
– support for multiple sprites from the same image
– support for layering the sprites with filter selection
– direct use of sprite’s textures with a single material by the new SpriteRenderer
– new animation system with really recall me the animation workflow from Adobe After Effect

This new 2D workflow will avoid me to think for a solid custom rendering system or to spend money in an existing 2D workflow from the Asset Store.

In two words : F*** Yeah!

Thank you Unity3d.


Excellence is recruiting… Again!

Now is the good time to search for soul mates.

Excellence recruits a Game Designer, a Graphics Programmer (shaders and stuff), a Concept/2D Artist and a 3D modeller!

You can read the details on the Unity Forum or on GameDev.net.

Contact me at remi.boullerne@gmail.com to apply or for more information.

We’re not dead!

Hello there!

It feels good to come back to the country after a year oversea. I just passed this year working at Montreal for Gameloft and I want to say this : there is no better cure to motivate you to work on your personal project that work for the first time in a video game company. :]

Great experience, great luck, great people, great country. Now back to our dream, back to Excellence!

After a year, I learned a thing : working yourself on a whole game editor will not help you create a game. You will create… an editor, instead. So damn you C++, damn you SFML and Qt! (they are still great libraries!) I bought a license for Unity 3D Pro, and all our work will continue with it.

Yeah, I already tried Unity, it didn’t convince me at first, but now, it’s for real, it’s serious.

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Now what?

I’m integrating all the cool things I made in my engine to Unity and am working to recover the previous visuals and gameplay. The shaders are slowly returning back, the sounds are still missing and the collisions are so-so. Niiico did an awesome work during this year on the graphics and models. (Check his work below!) Sadly, we didn’t get in touch with Alex yet, I hope he’s doing fine right now.

The visuals are fine, but the most important things is the gameplay. Even after 2 years of work from time to time, we don’t have yet decided of a final gameplay. It slow me down a bit on the programing side, as I have implemented some cool missiles, but I don’t know what to do with them. :(

So here’s the deal : We are looking for someone willing to join us as Game Designer / Level designer!

Fate will tell us who will have this chance, but be sure we’ll inform you as soon as we found someone!

Stay tuned, the journey continues.

Moving in and moving on your mobiles.

Hey folks,

While Niiico and Alex kept adding contents to the game, I was pretty busy. A month ago, I moved to Montreal – Canada for work, and now, I’m a proud Game Programmer at Gameloft. Needless to say I’m happy of my new job. :]

But what Gameloft have to do with Excellence? Well, not many things, except I won’t be able to release the game while I’m working there. Yeah, it’s some bad news, I must admit.

BUT, It give me more time to think about Excellence, and the last ideas are not to displease yourself. Laurent Gomilla, the author of SFML, is finalizing the last release of its 2D graphic API, making it more flexible, and he implied that OpenGL ES would be the next addition to SFML, extending the compatible device to all OpenGL ES compatible smartphone, meaning Apple’s Iphone and Google’s Android!

So yeah, in addition of the PC release, a port to Iphone and Android mobiles are now in the process queue.

I’ll have plenty of gameplay and ergonomic ideas for theses. :)

Well, I first have to finish the game engine when Laurent will release the new SFML 2.0 revision. during that time, I’ll finish to install myself in this gorgeous city that is Montréal. :D

To the next news!

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Stage 01 music

Hi people,

Here we will see the 2nd track i made for Excellence.

Art direction was the same, but i wanted to make something more dynamic and modern, so i leave the Epic side.

More Guitar, more bass, more drum … lets rock…

I let you hear it and tell me your opinion.

About music and sound design

Hey guys,

A litle introduction ?

My name is Alexandre Guiraud, you can call me AlexG, i am sound designer and music composer on this cool project that is “Excellence”. I had work on many projects, 4 video games, shoot’em up, RPG, mmoRPG, and 2 short moovies. I offer my help and my muse for this project.

In the next posts, i will show you my work, and how and why i made it. we will talk about music of course, and sound design too. I hope you will enjoy, and ask many questions.

Cya soon for the next adventure, in music !

Here we go!

Hello there! :)

Yes! At last, it’s here. The development blog for our amateur shooter game Excellence is now open. I said “our”, because I will not be alone to write posts. Nicolas and Alex will be with me to present their works, their ideas and their passion.

Nico is our talented artist, more like our Artistic Director. You will be able to enjoy his lovely concept, rendering and artworks (the banner is one of his work) and discuss with him about the game feel and look.

Alex is responsible of the great musics already listenable on my YouTube channel, and will delight us with a great soundscapes. He’s now working of several other project, waiting for me and Nico to release kind of playable demo, but he will be here when we need him!

And of course, their will be me, Spidyy, your obliging editor, project manager and lead programmer, responsible of the future success of this project. I’ll discuss with you about a bit of project management and game design, and mainly about C++ programming. :)

That said, you will found in this blog posts about game design, programing, arts and sound design around the Excellence Project.

But what is Excellence? For those who didn’t follow this project (and I know you are many…), Excellence is an amateur vertical scrolling shooting game, following the rules of arcade shooting game : A vivid and progressive gameplay, loooots of enemy to kill and many way to raise you score, all complemented by nice 2D graphics, great soundscapes a good little scenario.

With this, I hope you will find some useful stuff for you as for us and will enjoy this adventure into the amateur video game world! :)

See ya soon for the first true article of the blog!