First Renders


Here our very first renders. Still work in progress, but we already get an idea of we want to reach. Try to imagine that with sweet animations (that I hope to show you soon !) and nice ingame effect such as “dynamics” shadows cast by the vehicles on the background, all that accompanied by our divine Alex’s music.


Render Test

First render test for Excellence. We want it shiny, colorful, fast, clear and texturless to speed up the process.

For this test I used the 3dsMax plug-in “greeble”, great tool if you want lot of détails without spend hours and hours. Of course this is for render test only, the final modeling will not used it that much.

With some mental ray shaders I can render diferents layer that I compose in photoshop or give to Spidyy who used it to made some nice in-game shader like water, glow or shadows (and maye be a lot more very soon : ) ? ) which add a lot “life” and details.

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