‘Time’ is on our side!

Hey folks.

We want Excellence to be a shoot’em up with a great ambiance, full of events and animations. For this, we need to have a way to synchronize all those events together. I remembered how I loved to play with some movie editing and FX tool, like Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effect.

From this, I took time to write a script to have a timeline, on wich one I could easily control the evolution of my events and other parameters. This is the base of how the stages will be built, and will surely evolve to be even better. :]


How does it works? The spawns are simple gameObject that “awake” all their children at the right time. Pretty simple but damn useful. The “curves” are some parameters, generated from a simple Timeline Element script, attached to the object we want to animate with. The values of the curves are then retrieved within the object scripts. Each curve are editable individually, can be foldout and their key frames are movable by a simple click.

The magic come from the way the camera is updated in real-time when changing the cursors position on the timeline. It will be a great tool to work with!

Keep looking for other cool things in the future. :]


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