We’re not dead!

Hello there!

It feels good to come back to the country after a year oversea. I just passed this year working at Montreal for Gameloft and I want to say this : there is no better cure to motivate you to work on your personal project that work for the first time in a video game company. :]

Great experience, great luck, great people, great country. Now back to our dream, back to Excellence!

After a year, I learned a thing : working yourself on a whole game editor will not help you create a game. You will create… an editor, instead. So damn you C++, damn you SFML and Qt! (they are still great libraries!) I bought a license for Unity 3D Pro, and all our work will continue with it.

Yeah, I already tried Unity, it didn’t convince me at first, but now, it’s for real, it’s serious.

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Now what?

I’m integrating all the cool things I made in my engine to Unity and am working to recover the previous visuals and gameplay. The shaders are slowly returning back, the sounds are still missing and the collisions are so-so. Niiico did an awesome work during this year on the graphics and models. (Check his work below!) Sadly, we didn’t get in touch with Alex yet, I hope he’s doing fine right now.

The visuals are fine, but the most important things is the gameplay. Even after 2 years of work from time to time, we don’t have yet decided of a final gameplay. It slow me down a bit on the programing side, as I have implemented some cool missiles, but I don’t know what to do with them. :(

So here’s the deal : We are looking for someone willing to join us as Game Designer / Level designer!

Fate will tell us who will have this chance, but be sure we’ll inform you as soon as we found someone!

Stay tuned, the journey continues.


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