Moving in and moving on your mobiles.

Hey folks,

While Niiico and Alex kept adding contents to the game, I was pretty busy. A month ago, I moved to Montreal – Canada for work, and now, I’m a proud Game Programmer at Gameloft. Needless to say I’m happy of my new job. :]

But what Gameloft have to do with Excellence? Well, not many things, except I won’t be able to release the game while I’m working there. Yeah, it’s some bad news, I must admit.

BUT, It give me more time to think about Excellence, and the last ideas are not to displease yourself. Laurent Gomilla, the author of SFML, is finalizing the last release of its 2D graphic API, making it more flexible, and he implied that OpenGL ES would be the next addition to SFML, extending the compatible device to all OpenGL ES compatible smartphone, meaning Apple’s Iphone and Google’s Android!

So yeah, in addition of the PC release, a port to Iphone and Android mobiles are now in the process queue.

I’ll have plenty of gameplay and ergonomic ideas for theses. :)

Well, I first have to finish the game engine when Laurent will release the new SFML 2.0 revision. during that time, I’ll finish to install myself in this gorgeous city that is MontrĂ©al. :D

To the next news!

(I change the comments settings to make them easier to post. Feel free to write a little word!)


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