1st track main menu music

Hello people,

Time’s come to listen the 1st track I made for the game.

What was the “Art Direction” ?

Compose a music that is both futurist, new technologic, Epic, with some electro and electric guitar.

The real 1st track I made for the game was the one I have made to be hired. It was a remix of the music Spidyy made. You can listen it on the following link.

But the 1st track I really made on my own was the one for the main menu of the game. I tried to compose something Epic and futurist. I used some classic instruments like violins, brass etc, with classical construction, and an additional electric guitar. That was the 1st steps.

After, Spidyy wanted something longer, and changing, with more dynamic and futurist style. So I made a break, more Rock/Metal with some drums, PAD, electric guitar, synth and some sound design in “top gun” ‘s style. Here is the final track.


3 thoughts on “1st track main menu music

  1. About the 2nd track, the beginning doesn’t sound futuristic I think. It reminds me of Age of Empires or Middle-Age themes. It is indeed more dynamic from the 4th minutes.

    As far as the 1st track is concerned, I love it. I keep listening to it and wish I could download it somewhere.

  2. the 1st schema of the main menu’s music is Epic, to give players the feeling they are Heroes, the strings have dynamics riffs, and brass give this Epic style i wanted.
    in the end of this schema you can ear some electric guitar, bringing a new tech style, and then comes the break, with drums, PAD, synth, sound design etc…for a music more in the action…

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