Here we go!

Hello there! :)

Yes! At last, it’s here. The development blog for our amateur shooter game Excellence is now open. I said “our”, because I will not be alone to write posts. Nicolas and Alex will be with me to present their works, their ideas and their passion.

Nico is our talented artist, more like our Artistic Director. You will be able to enjoy his lovely concept, rendering and artworks (the banner is one of his work) and discuss with him about the game feel and look.

Alex is responsible of the great musics already listenable on my YouTube channel, and will delight us with a great soundscapes. He’s now working of several other project, waiting for me and Nico to release kind of playable demo, but he will be here when we need him!

And of course, their will be me, Spidyy, your obliging editor, project manager and lead programmer, responsible of the future success of this project. I’ll discuss with you about a bit of project management and game design, and mainly about C++ programming. :)

That said, you will found in this blog posts about game design, programing, arts and sound design around the Excellence Project.

But what is Excellence? For those who didn’t follow this project (and I know you are many…), Excellence is an amateur vertical scrolling shooting game, following the rules of arcade shooting game : A vivid and progressive gameplay, loooots of enemy to kill and many way to raise you score, all complemented by nice 2D graphics, great soundscapes a good little scenario.

With this, I hope you will find some useful stuff for you as for us and will enjoy this adventure into the amateur video game world! :)

See ya soon for the first true article of the blog!


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